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deep drill aerification

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Deep Drill Aerification improves drainage immediately and allows air, water and fertilizer to reach the roots.  Allows "venting" of harmful methane and other soil gases from the root zone.  Our Deep Drill aerifiers gently drill 10" deep x 5/8" wide on 5" centers.  After you drag the surface, area can be put back into play immediately.  Because our machines twist through the turf, rather than remove plugs, the attached turf lays back down over the hole and begins to "knit".  Good Ball Roll the next day on Golf Greens and Turf heals in 7-10 days, weather permitting. Benefits are season long.

DEEP drill and fill remediation/aerification

Drillturf Drill And Fill Aerification Services

can't rebuild your golf green or sports field?let us help.

Drillturf Drill and Fill Remediation/Aerification helps you put off renovations:  Drillturf Drill and Fill Aerification permanently modifies the root zone of your Golf Greens, and is ideal for rebuilding natural turf in Football Stadiums, Baseball stadiums, Soccer stadiums and Polo fields.  Our Floyd McKay Deep Drill and Fill Machines gently drill 8" deep x 7/8" wide on 7.5" centers.  The holes are immediately filled with kiln dry sand or amendment.  Immediately improves drainage and allows air, water and fertilizer to reach the root zone.  Area can be put back into play immediately.  Good Ball Roll in 2-3 days on Golf Greens. Turf heal time is generally 2-3 weeks, weather permitting. Improvements are long lasting, season to season,  because of permanent modification of the soil structure.

Drillturf drill and fill aerification